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Rules - TurkuLab



The goal of TurkuLab Challenge is to innovate and develop new solutions based on the announced challenges. The solutions should be easily tested and put into practise and their goal is to improve student life in Turku. The TurkuLab challenges are linked to Finance, Community, Technology and Housing. TurkuLab is organized with collaborative effort of The Student Village Foundation of Turku and Innovaatiomestarit.

2. SCHEDULE 2016

  • 18.2. TurkuLab Challenge Launch Party
  • 13.4. TurkuLab Challenge Coaching
  • 11.5. TurkuLab Challenge Coaching
  • 5.9. TurkuLab Challenge Coaching
  • 14.9. Registration for the Open Challenge Tournament closes
  • 21.9. Open Challenge Tournament
  • 21.9. Registration for the IOT Challenge Tournament closes
  • 28.9. IOT Challenge Tournament
  • 29.9. Registration for the Economy Challenge Tournament closes
  • 6.10. Economy Challenge Tournament
  • 12.10. Registration for the Energy Challenge Tournament closes
  • 19.10. Energy Challenge Tournament
  • 20.10. Registration for the Community Challenge Tournament closes
  • 27.10. Community Challenge Tournament
  • 29.11. TurkuLab Challenge Finals
  • 30.11. TurkuLab Challenge Awards

TurkuLaB Challenge 2016 starts with the launch party. Contest submissions can be sent to The submissions can be developed on the platform throughout the challenge period but the final submission should be sent at least one week prior to the respective challenge tournament. Contestants will be invited to a one-day challenge tournament based on their contest submissions. Challenge tournaments consist of 3-phased innovation process where submissions are elaborated in collaboration with business coaches and judges. TurkuLab Coaching sessions provide more details on challenges, give sparring tournaments and allow feedback for initial ideas. Coaching sessions are held in the evenings.


TurkuLab Challenge 2016 consists of five tournaments. Max 100 contestants will be selected to each of them based on their contest submissions to the innovation platform. The best 3-5 ideas from each tournament will be selected to the final. There will be max 25 ideas in the final competing for the main prize.


TurkuLab Challenge 2016 is open to all adult students in Turku or TYS residents. It is possible to participate either alone or with a team (up to 5 members). The team is expected to share the prize. If it is impossible to share the prize the team will decide who will receive it. Disclaimer: The organizing parties’ and challenge partners’ staff and the staff’s family living in the same household cannot participate in the challenges where their employer is acting as a judge. Challenge partners’ employees and their family members living in the same household are eligible to participate in other challenges, however.


There are two main judges for each challenge area who decide which contest submissions earn a place in the final. There is a separate main jury in the final. The jury consists of one judge from each challenge. In addition to them there will be 2-4 other prominent judges.


General evaluation criteria (but not necessarily the only criteria):

  • novelty
  • benefit to students, residents, users and partners
  • testability
  • presentation and impact



Acceptable contest submissions are

  • descriptions of ideas or concepts
  • descriptions of problems or situations that can be improved
  • description of an idea/a solution that has already been tested
  • demos, finished applications, apps and products

Please note: Each contest submission has to include: title, description and a link to the materials (not mandatory)


  • Main Prize: 7,000 EUR
  • Challenge Tournament prizes 2,000 EUR
  • The Best Mentor 600 EUR
  • The Best Challenger / Best Presenter of a Problem
  • The Most Active Student Association 600 EUR
  • The Most Active Housing Community: TBD!
  • The Most Active Student Promoter: 600 EUR
  • The Most Active Content Producer for social media: free admission to the final
  • Free movie tickets and Delicard restaurant gift cards in addition to free drinks and snacks to active participants in TurkuLab events
  • The implementation of the best solutions
  • Coaching and knowledge on how to process and develop new innovations
  • Networking opportunities
  • Challenge partners are interested in recruiting promising talents
  • Challenge partners are interested in business opportunities with start-ups participating in TurkuLab



The results of the Innovation Tournament may vary greatly from the IPR point of view. For example, depending on the presented challenges and brainstorming, the results may, on the one hand, be such that no IPR concerns or can concern them, or they can already be IPR-protected. In principle, the results may be protected as such, or they must be developed further, so that the IPR protection would be possible. At the beginning of the tournament, it is impossible to predict what the results will be like from the IPR point of view, and indeed, this difficulty in predicting is the purpose of the Innovation Tournament; the objective is to achieve the kinds of creative results that one could not have known of in advance.

The goal is that every competitor will be able to brainstorm as spontaneously as possible, which is possible if the parties can trust one another and recognize the value of the open exchange of information. To ensure the quality of joint development, the parties must be aware of their IPRs in advance. They must also be aware of the needs and opportunities to protect their IPRs also after the tournament and take this into account both when setting their own goals and participating in the challenges of others.

9.1. Innovation Tournament’s IPR terms

The Innovation Tournament® is based on open innovation, and the exchange of information taking place in the Innovation Tournament or new ideas are not subject to confidentiality obligations. Judicially, the results of the Innovation Tournament are thus open and public, which the parties approve. They also admit that this has a weakening effect on their IPR protection opportunities.

The parties approve and agree that the results of the Innovation Tournament, such as they are presented in the tournament, are not business secrets, and will not otherwise become the IPR property of any of the parties or otherwise protected by an IPR, but are free to be utilized and published by everyone. This does not, however, have an effect on the IPRs of the parties or of a third party, which exist independent of the Innovation Tournament. This agreement does not grant a license to use IPRs of the parties or of third parties, unless otherwise agreed.

At the Innovation Tournament, the IPR peace prevails and all of the parties must be able to distribute their information freely and brainstorm on new matters without worrying about offending any other party’s IPRs. The parties commit to not making demands based on IPRs against each other on any such matters that the other party has presented on designed in the tournament, insofar as such demands would concern the use or utilization of IPR in the tournament itself.

With this agreement, the parties also will not agree anything on IPRs created after the tournament, which may also be the result of further development of ideas presented in the tournament.

9.2. IPR-Responsibilities

Each party participates in the Innovation Tournament at its own risk and is itself responsible for IPR requests possibly presented to it. Innovaatiomestarit Oy is not responsible for IPR offenses caused by the Innovation Tournament, loss of IPR rights or their failure to be created or IPR offenses or arguments possibly arising during the TurkuLab Challenge.

9.3. Remuneration of contestants

TurkuLab Challenge is a marketplace for innovation and knowledge, where Challenge Partners and Contestants act as central parties together with prizes and incentives that have been agreed upon as a means of exchange. The Organizer is interested in the solving the Tournament Challenge in question. The Contestant is motivated by the fact that s/he is personally able to benefit from developing the best solution.

The Challenge Partner commits to discuss future cooperation with the Contestants who have been inventing such results during the Innovation Tournament that the Challenge Partner is considering applying them or accepting them into further development. The content or outcome of such a discussion will not be determined beforehand. The purpose is to give to the Contestant an opportunity – in the spirit of fair game, for example

  • to influence and to take part in the implementation of the solution in one way or another
  • to advance personal development and professional connections
  • to receive money or other resources
  • to receive fame and other forms of acknowledgement
  • to get job opportunities


9.4. Innovation tournament’s IPRs

The Innovation Tournament – Innovaatioturnaus® – and its accordant method and modeling, and all the material used in the preparation, design and realization of the tournament, as well as computer software and know-how concerning the Innovation Tournament and modifications and upgrades done to them during the tournament, are the property of and IPR of Innovaatiomestarit Oy or its principal. Innovaatiomestarit reserves all rights to them and grants the other parties the right to use them only for Innovation Tournament purposes and during it. No transfer, copying or editing of rights is granted. The Innovation Tournament method handbook is additionally a business secret of Innovaatiomestarit Oy and confidential information, and any party which has possibly received a copy of it commits to keeping it confidential.

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