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Info - TurkuLab

What is TurkuLab Challenge

The goal of the TurkuLab challenge is to innovate and develop new solutions that improve the daily lives of students and TYS residents together with leading businesses and public sector organizations in Turku. The new solutions will help to build better student accommodation, community spirit, digital services and sustainable development.

The TurkuLab challenge consists of five events. Max. 100 candidates will be selected to participate in each event based on the ideas submitted via TurkuLab online platform1. The best 20 candidates from each event will be invited to finale: 100 innovators will compete for the main prize in the finale.

The total value of TurkuLab prizes will be over 20,000€. The main prize for the TurkuLab Challenge is 7,000€. Winner of each challenge will receive 2,000€ or equivalent.

Why participate

  • Solving TurkuLab challenges really helps fellow, students and TYS residents
  • TurkuLab is an exciting and collaborative learning process
  • With TurkuLab, you get real access to all relevant businesses in Turku
  • Meet and collaborate with people beyond your degree program
  • Plenty of cool prizes ranging from free tickets to 7 000.00 €’s.
  • Free catering at the events!
  • It’s easy: just send an idea/problem via www.turkulab.fi1

How to participate

Students can participate in the TurkuLab Challenge in several ways. It is possible to support your friends and rate ideas submitted by other people. Or you can submit your own innovation and develop it with the help of leading business mentors.

You can become involved in TurkuLAB Challenge in social media, on TurkuLab website, in TYS student accommodation and in TurkuLab events.

Do this: How challenge competition process works in practise

It is easy to participate. If you or your friend has a solution idea or have you identified a problem that needs to be fixed. Or you have tested a solution that would be new in Turku. Or you actually have developed a solution and would like to “sell” that to TurkuLab partners.

Process Steps

  • Start with tweeting your idea or problem or solution or story with #fixmyturku
  • Register to and send your submission there. 1
  • In order to have an eligible submission you have to register at 1
  • You can rate and comment other ideas. Coaches can give you feedback too. 1
  • In eligible submission, you have to leave your project name and description and if you have other team members, name them
  • Projects will be reviewed by partner judges, who will decide on acceptance
  • When you have been accepted to the tournament, business coaches and judges will help you to elaborate your idea to a better suited solution and presentation
  • One day tournaments have three one hour rounds. During each round contestants can have as many short discussions with judges as they wish. Each time they present, they can earn points. Based on sum of all points, the best 5 contestants are invited to finals. Coaches offer support to teams and individuals during the development.
  • Round I: Need/problem presentation and development
  • Round II: Solution presentation and development
  • Round III: execution presentation and development
  • During finals day: Each team will get only one practise session before real final pitching. Based on that, they will get advise how to make their final presentation even better. Final presentations are 3 minute each.
  • Winner of the each challenge will be invited to the award gala.

Who are the organisers

TurkuLab is organized with collaborative effort of The Student Village Foundation of Turku and Innovaatiomestarit. Main challenge partners are OP Bank Turun Seutu, Talokeskus, TeliaSonera, Turku Energia. Other challenge partners are Haltu and Legioona. Enabling partners are Boost Turku, Turku AMK, Unica.

1Registration will open in March.

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