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Energy - TurkuLab


Propose an idea, product, application or concept for energy consumption in student residences.

You don’t necessarily have to find a new service idea; you can also tell us what is not working.

If you have already innovated and tried out something related to the challenge, you can also share that with us.


At the moment residents don’t have an idea about their electricity or water consumption. They also don’t know how the heating works or how the air quality could be improved. What if they had this information and it affected energy bills or the amount of the rent? What if all electronic devices, heating, air conditioner and water taps could be operated by a cell phone?

Innovation and experiment support

We came up with a couple of examples to make your innovating and experimenting easier. The jury will appreciate for example innovations such as…

  • Applications for tracking energy consumption and purchasing/trading energy (apps)
  • Visualisation of energy consumption, temperature charts
  • Examples: Tracking energy consumption via socket, monitoring air quality, temperature spread, digital thermostats, and water meters readable from a distance
  • Community and communications utilization

Which contest submissions are acceptable

  • descriptions of ideas or concepts
  • descriptions of problems or situations that can be improved
  • description of an idea/a solution that has already been tested
  • demos, finished applications, apps and products

What can you win by taking part in the challenge

  • Your solution will see daylight, which means it will be implemented
  • Coaching and knowledge on how to process and develop new innovations
  • Turku Energia is open to business opportunities with you (for instance selling the solution to contractors)
  • Turku Energia will award the best contest submission with an electric bike (value: 2,000 EUR)


The judges for the Energy Challenge will be Antto Kulla (Turku Energia) Ismo Aaltonen (TYS).

Main Partner

Turku Energia Group is one of the largest energy companies in Finland. Our group turnover was 254,4 M€ in 2014 and we have 297 employees on average. Turku Energia is the leading producer and transferer of electricity and heat in Southwest Finland. Our core business consists of procurement, distribution and sale of electricity and heat, as well as development, construction and maintenance of power plants and distribution networks. Our customer base consists of private consumers, companies and communities. We are known as a reliable and customer-oriented power company that sells energy mainly generated from renewable energy sources. Our promise to the customer: “We are nearby, but see far ahead”.

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