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Economy - TurkuLab


Propose an idea, product or concept to improve the financial situation of students.

You don’t necessarily have to find a new service idea; you can also tell us what is not working.
If you have already innovated and tried out something related to the challenge you can also share that with us.


Money is always a concern for students. How to use less money and how to make more of it? Should you study and work simultaneously? Or maybe become self-employed?

Today’s solutions help you to track your finances with financial applications, become part of exchange economy, get extra money from part-time jobs, or become self-employed in a start-up for instance.

Innovation and experiment support

We came up with a couple of examples to make your innovating and experimenting easier. The jury will appreciate for example innovations and solutions such as…

  • Applications used in tracking and monitoring your own finances (apps, for example PIVO wallet,
  • How to save on your living expenses and housing costs, for example OP Syke (
  • How to give students more employment opportunities (
  • Applications that make job hunt easier, including in social media
  • How Osuuspankki Bank can better support their student customers (owner/client model)

Which contest submissions are acceptable?

  • descriptions of ideas or concepts
  • descriptions of problems or situations that can be improved
  • description of an idea/a solution that has already been tested
  • demos, finished applications, apps and products

What can you win by taking part in the challenge?

  • Your solution will see daylight, which means it will be implemented
  • Coaching and knowledge on how to process and develop new innovations
  • Entrance to the OP-Accelerator and/or Boost Turku Start-up journey
  • OP Turun Seutu will discuss business opportunities with you
  • OP Turun Seutu will reward the best contest submission with 2000 EUR
  • Legioona will award the best idea related to employment opportunities with 500 EUR. Legioona is also ready to discuss project work or business cooperation opportunities.


The judges are Irma Hyvärinen (OP), Kristian Luoma (OP), Taina Lehtola (Legioona).

Main Partner

As one of the largest member cooperative banks of the Finnish OP Financial Group and a leading bank in its operating region, OP Turun Seutu has total assets worth 3 billion euros. With our 310 financial experts, we serve customers in the cities of Turku, Raisio, Kaarina, Naantali and Parainen and the municipalities of Lieto, Rusko and Vehmaa. Our customers number around 167,000, with almost 79,000 being our owner-customers. We are pleased to serve our customers through our eleven branches, OP Private, Legal Services, Online and Telephone Service, Corporate Bank and the Turun Seudun OP-Kiinteistökeskus real estate agency that we own. We are owned by our customers, with People-first Approach, Responsibility, and Prospering Together being our core values. Our mission is to promote the sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing of our owner-customers, customers and operating regions through our local presence. All our operations are guided by ethical, sustainable and responsible principles. Please learn more about us at and

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