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Propose an idea, product, application or concept for the TYS resident’s use.

You don’t necessarily have to find a new service idea; you can also tell us what is not working.
If you have already innovated and tried out something related to the challenge you can also share that with us.


How to make students more active in their residence communities? How to foster community spirit and overcome invisible borders between different study programmes and groups? How to make living in a student residence easier and more fun?

Digital services aimed at TYS residents can be found at website. You can apply for accommodation, verify contracts electronically, file a defect report, check your rent information and book car parking and laundry services on this site.

Innovation and experiment support

We came up with a couple of examples to make your innovating and experimenting easier. The jury will appreciate for example innovations and solutions such as…

  • Applications that improve quality of living and foster community spirit (apps)
  • Solutions that advocate sharing economy
  • Examples: The Tribe (to ease loneliness) Hauser Mobile, Nappinaapuri (Platform for social exchange in the neighbourhood), Cook-with-local (learn to know new people by cooking together)

Which contest submissions are acceptable

  • descriptions of ideas or concepts
  • descriptions of problems or situations that can be improved
  • description of an idea/a solution that has already been tested
  • demos, finished applications, apps and products

What can you win by participating in the challenge?

  • Your solution will see daylight, which means it will be implemented
  • Coaching and knowledge on how to process and develop new innovations
  • Talokeskus is interested in recruiting promising talents
  • Talokeskus is open to business opportunities with start-ups (incl. acquisitions)
  • Talokeskus will award the winner IT equipment worth of 2000 EUR (according to the winner’s preference)


The judges for the Community Challenge are Juha Raitanen and Karri Virtanen from Talokeskus Yhtiöt Plc

Main Partner

Talokeskus Yhtiöt Plc is Real Estate Concern producing solutions for expert and information management. The service selection of Talokeskus concern comprises all the services, products and programmes during the property’s lifetime. We offer all the services needed for new construction and reconstruction including planning, supervision and building services. We also offer extensive services for use, maintenance and energy control. All our work is based on the Tampuuri property information system. The Tampuuri system is the most widely used property information system. The system contains information on over 58 000 properties where over 1,8 million Finns live and work.

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