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Bonus - TurkuLab

Bonus Challenge

Haltu Plc will award the best future-oriented wearable or mobile solution from all other challenge categories.


Haltu Plc has contributed to the first widely-used online booking service for student housing foundations in Finland. The goal of the service is to digitalize booking systems for saunas and laundry services in the future. The service also includes mobile apps, which makes Haltu Plc a forerunner among other housing cooperatives.

If you want to be a forerunner in the future, you can’t stop moving. It is necessary to follow the newest trends and be one step ahead of others. We are looking for the next big innovation that improves student life with the help of new technology.

Innovation and experiment support

Your idea can be linked to any challenge, but if you want to participate in our Wearable challenge you have to take future and today’s newest technology into consideration. Your idea doesn’t have to ‘wearable’, the main point is to innovate and think outside of the box.
Do you recognize a problem that belongs to other challenge categories, but could be solved for example by using the following equipment?

  • virtual glasses (e.g. Google Glass)
  • virtual reality glasses
  • smartwatches (Apple Watch, Android Gear etc.)
  • activity / sport trackers (e.g. Polar Loop, Fitbit, etc)

Which contest submissions are acceptable?

  • descriptions of ideas or concepts
  • demos and rough sketches/illustrations of the idea
  • animations and videos
  • demos, finished applications, apps and products

What can you win by participating in the challenge?

  • your solution will see daylight, which means it will be implemented
  • coaching and knowledge on how to develop innovations
  • help to make commercial applications of your idea
  • Haltu Plc will award the best contest submission with wearable technology to winner’s liking (value 500 EUR)


The judges for the wearable bonus challenge will be Mikko Sävilahti and Ilkka Hakkari from Haltu Plc

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